Afriquan Film Podcast S1E4 – Ayanda Sithebe


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Show Notes


Afriquan Film is a podcast series in which we shall explore our continent’s cinematic landscape through film recommendations, as well as conversations with pertinent practitioners working within this creative industry.

Episode 4 finds us talking with Ayanda Sithebe, the SAFTA-Award winning founder of Actors Spaces and festival director of The Africa Rising International Film Festival. We speak to the multi-faceted creative on his journey becoming an acting coach, a casting director for show’s like BET’s Isono as well as his understanding of the state of South African Programming. Follow us on @afriquanfilm on Instagram and Twitter for more information. 



Host: Yazz The Student

Guest: Ayanda Sithebe

Voice Artist: Nomava Kibare

Script and Edit: Yalezo Njuguna

Original Music Produced by: Katlego DoouShii Tema

Producers: Yalezo Njuguna and Kibare wa Njuguna


Film Recommendation

The Letter Reader [Podcast Recommendation] – Trailer

The Groom’s Price [Podcast Recommendation] – N/A

Joe Bullet [Guest Recommendation] – Trailer, Full Film.


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