Enraptured Odyssey (Pty) Ltd is a media company owned by Yalezo and Kibare wa Njuguna that focuses on being a premier producer of youth entertainment in South Africa and the wider diaspora. Established in March of 2016, we specialise in creating exciting and innovative entertainment not only suited for the South African market but also for international consumption.

Enraptured Odyssey’s vision is to become a premier independent media company in Africa. Our mission is to pioneer a business model for filmmaking that prioritizes  a holistic view of content creation whilst making sure that media programming are able to explore their full-potential across multiple platforms. 

As a company we have produced multiple films, web-series, podcasts and cultural events in our efforts to grow and build the independent space for young African content and entertainment. We are continually working towards bringing both the digital and traditional together in ways that will empower the youth and grow the entertainment industry at large.