Afriquan Film Podcast S1E10 – Pascal Schmitz


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Show Notes

Afriquan Film is a podcast series in which we shall explore our continent’s cinematic landscape through film recommendations, as well as conversations with pertinent practitioners working within this creative industry.

Our tenth episode finds us diving into the sales and distribution end of the film industry with film producer and agent, Pascal Schmitz. Our conversation explores the infrastructure and mechanics that govern film distribution with a focus on where African film fits into it. It also dives into the various ways filmmakers can make themselves more viable to sales agents and distributors; both as aspirants and functioning filmmakers. Follow us on @afriquanfilm on Instagram and Twitter for more information. 


Host: Yazz The Student

Guest: Pascal Schmitz

Voice Artist: Nomava Kibare

Script and Edit: Yalezo Njuguna

Original Music Produced by: Katlego DoouShii Thema

Producers: Yalezo Njuguna and Kibare wa Njuguna


Film Recommendation

Of Good Report [Podcast Recommendation] – Trailer

Sew The Winter to My Skin [Guest Recommendation] – Trailer

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